Lake in the Hills rapper denies he threatened Crystal Lake police officer

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WOODSTOCK – The attorney representing Gerard Golston says his client was merely expressing himself in a rap video posted to Facebook that authorities say threatened a police officer.

Crystal Lake-based criminal defense attorney George Kililis filed an appearance to represent 25-year-old Golston, of Lake in the Hills, on charges alleging that Golston threatened the officer who once issued him a seat belt ticket.

Threatening a public official is a felony and, if convicted, Golston faces a possible prison term of two to five years. He pleaded not guilty at a McHenry County Court appearance Monday.

Crystal Lake Police said they found the video while wading through public profiles on Facebook.

In the video, Golston produced a rap song authorities say was aimed at Crystal Lake police officer Dimitri Boulhains. In slang for shooting a 9 mm weapon, Golston says: “I’m gonna get the nine” and “I’m gonna pop you,” and “Officer Dimitri, where the [expletive] you at?”

Kililis noted Golston’s words echoed sentiments expressed by those in the black community around the country.

“We all seem to forget that no matter how ugly [the statements] the other guy is saying, how much it upsets or offends us, in the end, we all have the right to say it,” Kililis said. “What Mr. Golston was doing was an expression of political frustration.

“I honestly don’t think it was a threat against Dimitri.”

According to case law, the limits of free speech protection stop a threatening speech, which will have to be a determination made in Golston’s case.

Golston has been in custody since his Jan. 12 arrest, unable to post $35,000 bond. On Feb. 9, Kililis will argue for a lower bond. Golston made the same request in January but it was denied because McHenry County Judge Sharon Prather said he couldn’t establish residence. Golston’s parents are expected to testify that he can live with them in Lake in the Hills, and they will bring him back and forth to court, Kililis said.

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