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avvo top contributorWe’ve got your back! We are attorneys who focus our practice on criminal defense and family law litigation in McHenry County.

On the criminal defense side, we have tried cases from traffic tickets to homicide and everything in between. We provide excellent legal representation to our clients in criminal felony charges, drug charges, DUI cases, driving suspended or revoked tickets, domestic battery arrests, theft related matters, misdemeanor charges and even speeding tickets.

On the family law side of the practice, we are zealous advocates for our clients’ position. We handle contested and agreed divorces, child custody matters, child support, orders of protection and paternity actions.

We work to achieve our client’s goal in each situation and understand that every case is different. We can and will try a case if that is what is needed. We can also negotiate to get the very best possible results in that particular situation. It is important to us that each client is heard and each case is expertly handled. Learn More >

Area of Practice

Criminal Felony

There are several steps involved in the prosecution and defense of such a case.

Criminal Misdemeanor

Learn more about the Criminal Misdemeanor process and the options available to you.


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Divorce is a moment in your life when everything is going to change, and that change will be painful and confusing.

Family Law/Custody

Child Custody is one of the most complex, painful and expensive forms of litigation.

Real Estate

Real Estate Law involves rights in the ownership and possession of land and buildings attached to land.