FRG man sentenced to 2 years

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State asks for the maximum, George Kililis gets client 2 years.


WOODSTOCK – A 19-year-old Fox River Grove man was sentenced to two years in prison Friday for his participation in an attack on a man who was beaten with a baseball bat, scorched with a heated knife, and locked in a dog cage.

Patrick Rehayem apologized to the victim and acknowledged that his actions were fueled by a drug addiction before being sentenced.

“The way I acted was inhuman, unjust and repulsive,” Rehayem told Judge Sharon Prather. “It was a terrible and evil act.”

Prosecutors asked for Rehayem to be sentenced the maximum five years in prison on the charge of aggravated battery to which he pleaded guilty.

McHenry County Assistant State’s Attorney Ryan Blackney said Rehayem committed “dehumanizing acts” against the victim in the basement of a Cary home in May, which included burning him with a knife heated by a blowtorch.

Rehayem, along with four others, then locked the victim in a dog cage, prosecutors said. When the victim eventually was freed, prosecutors said he then was ordered to lick the basement’s stairs.

“The acts that were committed … were despicable, humiliating and inexcusable,” Prather said while issuing the sentence. “I hope you use this experience to turn your life around.”

Rehayem has spent eight months in jail while awaiting trial on the charge. With credit for good behavior, he would have to spend about four months in prison before being released.

Andrew C. Shedivy, 22, of Cary; Eric Vogel, 19, of Cary; and Miko Gougis, 19, of Chicago still face charges in connection with the attack.

Nicholas Sweeney, 24, pleaded guilty in connection with the attack and was sentenced to 180 days in jail.

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